Mishka NYC Sale Shirts Picks

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Oversize ETD Badge T-Shirt White
Price: was $32.00, now $16.00
This is the crest we’ll use when we finally receive accreditation as a D1 Athletic program.
To be featured on this list shirts had to be on sale.  Some are 20% off, some are 30% off, and some are a mindbogglingly 50% off.  Available sizes are limited though.  You can pick one or two up at Mishka NYC.  So, enjoy and get on with your thrifty self.  – The Sticker Drop Squad


Cyco Serpent T-Shirt Red Tie-Dye
Price: was $32.00, now $22.40
Some wild spooky, horror type shit on a t-shirt. Presumably, what you’d wear if you were supporting a team from Mutant League Football.


Lamour Keep Watch L/S T-Shirt Black
Price: was $38.00, now $30.40
If your eye ever looks like this, proceed to a Dr. immediately. Something is seriously wrong with your shit, you’re probably gonna loose your eye and have to spend the rest of your life going as a pirate for Halloween. On the plus side, you can make up really hard stories about how you lost your eye; no one has to know it was a severely neglected case of pink eye.


Enforcer T-Shirt Royal
Price: was $32.00, now $22.40
The great thing about hockey is that it’s a sport that encourages fighting. It’s the only sport where you can be marginally good at the sport, but really good at being an intimidating goon and still succeed. It’s kind of like rap in that way.


Animal Parade Pullover Wheat
Price: was $88.00, now $44.00
Looking at this sweater, realize that Jumanji was based on a true story, and there’s someone out there right now, living with the trauma of turning into a monkey when he was nine.
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