Sticker Artist Reveals What F.E.L.N. Stands For

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FELN (Forget Everything, Live Now) was created by my brother Henry.  He used it as his graffiti name before he passed away on Tuesday, March 6, 2007. That day I decided I was going to keep FELN alive for him.  I have been busy designing and making stickers and shirts every day. Sticker artists around the world recognize the name FELN now and I don’t plan on stopping.” – FELN

How did you get started?

I was introduced to sticker art by my awesome brother, Henry. He used the name FELN, which stands for “Forget Everything, Live Now”. He passed away in 2007 and I inherited his art and graffiti supplies. I have been keeping FELN alive in honor of him.  One day I hope everyone who appreciates street art will know the name and what it means.

The main sticker that I’ve made is the FELN “Head”.  I sketched out a fun character and got a lot of positive feedback. I have edited and updated my character a lot, but now I think it is perfect.  Occasionally, I like come out with something different, like a girl version of my character. My other popular sticker is my bold and eye catching “Muslim Woman” sticker.

Most people love what I’m doing.  Nobody has told me they don’t like it or given me a lecture.  Even if someone did say they don’t like what I’m doing, I would keep at it because I love it.  I could never turn away from the street art scene.

How is the street culture in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area?

Unfortunately, the street culture in my area is pretty dead, in my opinion – there aren’t many street artists around nor is there any graffiti or stickers from artists passing through.  It would awesome if the area was more active.  I wish I could move to Portland, Oregon to stay with my friend and fellow sticker artist, SKAM, and check out the local art shows there.

What type of music do you listen to?

These days I mostly listen to underground rap and a little heavy metal music, like OFWGKTA, Immortal Technique, Aesop Rock, Adlib, and Ploud. If I had my own personal song it would be Hcapd by OFWGKTA – it has a nice beat and I just love the song.

If you could slap your sticker any where in the world, where would you put it?

Canada, France, Germany, and all over of Africa – I haven’t hit any of those areas.

What do you like about being a sticker artist?

The best part of making stickers is growing nice fan base that gives you awesome feedback on your work.  That’s something to be proud of in my book.  Also, it helps relieve stress.  Whenever I am making stickers or getting them out I feel great and can escape from any drama in my life.

Who are some artists you like?

UWP (Under Water Pirates) and his whole crew of sticky bandits – they have a nice clean style and they have been around for quite some time now.  Another crew of artists I like is the VA crew, from Portland. My friend SKAM is in that crew along with RX Skulls and a lot of other awesome artists! I would love to meet them plus a lot of other artists from around the world.  Hanging out and possibly collaborating on a sticker design would be sweet.

How do you fund your shop?

Money I earn from my shop goes towards more stickers, tees, etc. I use some of the money from my job for stickers too.


What would you be doing if you weren’t doing stickers and art?

I would be out skateboarding everyday.  I love to skateboard and just glide everywhere.

If you could go back in time, what would you say to yourself?

I would urge myself to work hard and never give up in life.

Any insights for other artists or sticker fans reading?

Design and make your own art work, copying other peoples ideas is not a good idea in the graffiti community, you will get bad rep.  Create some cool ideas by yourself; everyone has some interesting ideas!  Any new artist just starting out, make great art, a lot of it, and show it off in galleries, parties, wherever and enjoy life!


What does the future hold for FELN?

I plan on selling shirts and a lot of other things.  I have made shirts, beanies, bracelets and other cool things in the past.  You can pick some goodies at my online shop.

Thank you for the your time, insights, and stickers, FELN!

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  1. Juan D says:

    Nicceeeeee!!!! These posts are very interesting

  2. Cindy Droneburg says:

    This is AWESOME!!!!! So proud of you and how you never give up. All your hard work to keep FELN alive shows everyday. I know your brother is looking down at you smiling with tons and tons of pride in his heart.

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