Benny Gold’s New Sticker Vending Machine and Rare Golden Tickets

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“You all know how important stickers are to me and the Benny Gold brand. The Brand spawned from just one simple sticker. Don’t let anyone tell you that the little things don’t matter. We paid homage to our beginnings by adding a gold colored sticker vending machine in our SF retail store. I know it’s a little odd, but I still wanted to share it with you because I am really excited about it. All the best!”- Benny

For only a dollar you can get a few Benny Gold stickers and a chance at at Golden Ticket, which gives you 50% off your store purchase! Way to make shopping fun and your store a destination, Benny!  Readers, what do think is cooler Benny’s vending machine with Golden Tickets or The Hundreds Photo Booth? Comment below.


Source: Benny Gold

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