Benny Gold x Jeff Staple Collab – New Spin on Glider Logo

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“This season’s guest glider collaboration comes from Jeff Staple of Staple Design / Reed Space in NYC. I have personally been inspired by his work and what he has built for a long time. Jeff has been on the forefront of streetwear for years, and we are honored to have him part of the line!

The schematic drawing of our glider plane logo is amazing! The shirts were printed to look like actual blueprints. The shirts need to be seen in person and are a definite must have for this season.

Back hit with our logos.

No lie as we were putting the shirts out a pigeon flew into our shop. It had to be a sign of some sort because the pigeon is synonyms with the Staple brand. La Pink One was there to document it.

Thanks Jeff!” – Benny Gold

Source: Benny Gold

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