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You are a very successful young start-up. Could you list your top do’s and don’ts for other independent brands trying to make it?


Be committed and have a laser focus! Be ready to sacrifice extracurricular activities that may be a hindrance to your success.

Know your customer and make sure your product represents them.

Know how to run your business at every level. You don’t have to be an expert, but be familiar with sales, marketing, manufacturing, design, and accounting.


Don’t go at it yourself; build a solid team of talented people that believe in you and your product to be your crutch in areas that are not your strengths.

Don’t enter a market that is already saturated unless you have something new to offer.

Don’t do too may collaborations, it drowns out your brand.


The Game wearing Rastaclat

What is the philosophy at Rastaclat, what do you stay away from and why you are successful and others aren’t?

We believe in spreading positive vibrations in a world with so many negative occurrences and energies (just turn on your local news if you don’t believe us). We don’t utilize gimmicks to sell our product or hop on a bandwagon for social cause just because it is popular at the moment. We are fortunate to have to have a strong philosophy and a unique product (which nobody else has) to stand on – those things separate us. Offering something different is big.
The most impressive thing about Rastaclat is how many major celebrities are wearing your bracelets. How do you make it happen?

It’s hard to explain the feeling that surges through your body when you see a major celebrity wearing something you made. Here are three ways we go about it.

1. Feature your product at events i.e. concerts, fundraisers that celebrities may attend, and charm your way through the entourage and reach musicians, artists, celebrities, or athletes.

2. Be creative and use your networking skills, contact representatives, managers of musicians, artists, celebrities, or athletes and hook up whoever you have to achieve some publicity.

3. Have limited edition pieces – celebs usually want to be treated like VIPs and wear something nobody else has.


Kid Cudi wearing Rastaclat

There is so much that goes into a product; what should the design be like, what colors to use, where should labels go, etc. What key questions do you ask yourself when designing a product?

Every business has a different set of questions to ask themselves. We have had to do things like make our bracelets adjustable to accommodate consumers with all wrist sizes in order to maximize our buyers sales. More general issues we consider during the design process are:

Who is our customer?

What type of vibe are we trying to resonate with the customer who will be wearing a particular product/colorway?

How much is the product going to cost the customer and can this customer afford it?

How can we achieve a quality product that our customer will come back for more?

What are the retail buyers looking for in terms of price, merchandising, and marketing?

Where are the trends in your particular industry heading?

Can you tell us about your experiences out sourcing production and what variables you considered?

Outsourcing product can be very challenging, if you don’t have the resources. To find the right type of suppliers and manufactures you really have to have your eyes and ears peeled – talk to people, network, visit sourcing trade shows. Also, do your homework; make sure the people making your product are good to the environment, human beings, and animals. If you aren’t savvy about international shipping or manufacturing read up on it or find someone who is. It will save you a tremendous of money and time. Tread carefully.

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