Benny Gold Turns a Negative Into a Positive

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“By this time you are familiar with our popular Doughboy design. The B, on the hat, was inspired by Ice Cubes iconic character in John Singleton classic movie Boyz In The Hood. It has been a part of our line since we originally released it in 2008.

The Doughboy B was custom. I hand drew it inspired by the Detroit D on Ice Cubes hat. New Era recently forwarded us a cease & desist for the design. I was confused when I read it and thought it would be from the Detroit Tigers or at least Ice Cube. I was surprised to find that it was from the Birmingham Barons. WTF? Our B is not even close.

At first I was bummed and confused. It’s hard to see a positive within a negative situation. Sometimes you need adversity to push you even harder. This was the perfect time to reinvent the design.

After sketching multiple B’s and G’s I came up with the idea of incorporating our retail stores 16th Street location into the design. It’s awesome that you can tweak a 1 and a 6 to make a gothic G!

Looking back I am happy that I was pushed to make things better. Here is the first look at the Doughboy16 dropping with our Fall / Winter collection next month. Never stop pushing!” – Benny Gold

Source: Benny Gold Blog

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