Stop Partying So Much – Interview with Street Grapes

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How did your nickname come about?

I came up with the name a little bit more than a year and half ago. I was thinking of a way to incorporate “street art” into my name and I came up with street grapes, grapes standing for art. Every place needs its street grapes.  :)


Newest sticker from Street Grapes. Included in Gold Packs in Sticker Drop's online shop.

What is your message/purpose/goal?

I do not have a direct message in my art. I put no political, spiritual or social meaning into it. I just like doing what I do; I try to make my images relatively enjoyable, while interesting and unusual. I never put a negative or a pessimistic message into my art.

What is a good song that encapsulates Street Grapes?

I don’t know. But here is a song that I like – (One Too Many Mornings by Chemical Brothers).

How did you get introduced to guerrilla or sticker art?

I was into graffiti for a little while, then I started hitting the Internet to get to know the graff scene better and stumbled upon street art, which gave me an a lot better understanding of our urban environments. The road went on by itself from thereon. I never thought I would be a street artist.

How do most people react to what you are doing?

They tend to like it. Of course, every one of us has a certain amount of “haters”. I tend to not notice or pay attention to people who dislike what I do. My images are not controversial in any way, so I do not really get too much drama or anything. I tend to get a good amount of local and Internet fans.

What have your experiences with the law/police been like?

I have never had to deal with law enforcement.

What is your personal favorite place you have seen your stickers?

New York City. I really like seeing my art outside of my own small environment. Burlington, Vermont is a pretty small town and has very little street art. I am very happy to see my street art travel anywhere.


Street Grapes x BilliKid

Who are some of your favorite (sticker) artists and why?  How do you go about working on a collab with someone?

I have no “favorite artists” I do not prefer one artist over another; they all have their own message and image that appeals to me. But to list just a few of many (stickers) artists I like: Obey, Flying Fortress, Zoltron, Snub23, 14Bolt, MCA, RWK, Dave Kinsey, Dickchicken, DFace, Cryptik, Faust, Burner, Abcnt, Mear, Darkclouds, Genuine Artikle, and Overconsumer.  The list could go on and on. How do I go about collaboration? I try to find someone whose style will fit nicely with mine and whose artwork I like.  We will work on ideas and then one of us will make the foundation. The other finishes it.

What has been the best experience with Street Grapes?

Meeting fans while doing street art.

What is your favorite part of being a sticker artist?

I would not label myself a sticker artist. Stickers is just one of my favorite weapons. Shepard Fairey tends to get the label of a “sticker artist” also, but I feel like he is just an artist who explores many mediums. But what is my favorite part about sticker art? Its easy. Stickers are the best and the fastest way to spread your image in public, they are easy to apply during any time of the day, almost anywhere. You can reuse the same image/idea as many times as you want, and it can really simple or complex.

Most of your stickers are high-quality vinyl, full color, die-cut stickers.  Why do you choose to use vinyl over cheaper paper?

I am always looking for cheaper stickers, and right now I am trying different services, because every one of them has their own advantages. Vinyl is great, its weather resistant, textured, and durable. It doesn’t only make great outdoor stickers, but makes great collectible stickers, that people want to buy, no one wants to buy crappy plain paper stickers right?

How do you afford to print stickers?

I pay for all my sticker myself.


Street Grapes Tee

Do you plan on designing and selling another tee?

I am working on new designs almost all of the time, and yes. I just got introduced to Threadless, and am looking forward to making more design for them.


Paper Wallet Design

Tell us about your experience with Paper Wallet.  Did it meet expectations?  Did you get everything you wanted out of it?  Would you recommend it to other people?

Yes. Paperwallet is a nice brand, with a good product. It took a while for the actual wallets to be made, but the final product was great. I really enjoyed the wallets I got as a commission. I am looking forward to seeing the wallets on their new upcoming website. And yes I would recommend it to other designers.

What project are you most proud of?

Collaboration with Flying Fortress. That was actually one of the first times I have used my recognizable characters, and it really gave them a foundation. But I dont tend to praise too much of my older work, even if it was something I did a few weeks ago, I am always looking into the future!

What is your least favorite part of being a sticker artist?

A very few people know who you actually are. I like it, but sometimes it sucks. A lot of people in my city know about Street Grapes and have seen my images, but have no Idea who I am. Its a two way street, you get something, and you loose something out of it.

Have you ever thought of giving it up?

No. I have other things I could be doing. But art is it for now.

If you were not designed stickers, what would you be doing?

Making music, traveling, and exploring.

If you could go back in time and talk to yourself what would you say?

Don’t waste so much time partying. We all have those periods in our lives.  😉

What is on the horizon? What can we keep our eyes out for?

More, more and more art, bigger scale, bigger projects!

Thanks for the interview, Street Grapes!   You can follow Street Grapes on Flickr and Facebook now.

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