Warriors of Radness and Anthony Friedkin Collab Tees

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“Introducing 2 special edition t-shirts in collaboration with photographer Anthony Friedkin. We first discovered Tony from a 1978 issue of the local southern California esoteric magazine called WET. In the mag, there’s a brash interview with the then young L.A. native surfer and photographer called “Confrontational Bathing”. In it, Tony waxes on about his convictions about art, taking pictures, surfing, drugs, and women. Pure Southern California energy.

Since then, Tony has accomplished a significant amount of relevant work. His photographs are included in major museum collections including New York’s Museum of Modern Art and the J. Paul Getty Museum, along with numerous private collections. In 2008, he was included in a historical group show and coinciding book called, “This Side of Paradise” which examines the dynamic relationship between Los Angeles and the art of photography from the 1860’s to the present.

Friedkin uses his camera as a means of personal discovery. His full frame black & white photographs explore the many mysteries of moments in time. He creates his own distinctive exhibition prints in his darkroom. He says of his work, “I believe in extraordinary photographs that draw you in and cannot be easily defined-celebrating perception and its many hidden layers of reality.”

The two shirts are the TONY FRIEDKIN T with his infamous 1978 quote, “…like junkies addicted to smack…surfers who’ve gone through the years need waves like other people need to eat, sleep and get laid.” and the DEATH TO LOCALS T with one of his obscure beach culture photos from the 70’s of a surfer who was the brunt of some territorial mishap.” – Warriors of Radness


Source: Warriors of Radness

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