Sticker Artist Not Just Limited to Stickers – Interview with Spain’s Wolf RMK

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How did your nickname come about?

In 1999, I started painting WOLF in the streets of Madrid (Spain). I thought WOLF was a powerful name; in Spanish the pronunciation is different from English and it sounds much stronger. Wolves are robust and strong animals as well.

What is your message/purpose/goal?

There are a two goals, not just one! (laughs) I would like people smile when they see my stickers, my friends always smile when they see them and they are surprised to see me in various random places! My other goal is to be in everyplace, every city of the world, to be known in the entire world!


How did you get introduced to guerrilla or sticker art?

When I was eighteen I had some problems with the police when I was caught doing graffiti. I continued doing graffiti, but shifted more and more into sticker tagging, so police would not bother me. In December of 2008, I started to print massive amount of stickers and haven’t stopped since. I use a character who I created in 2003 in most of my sticker designs.


What are Wolf’s favorite songs?

Music is not a big passion of mine, but one of my favorite songs is “Have a nice day” by Jon Bon Jovi. The music video is awesome, because it shows my kind of lifestyle! Another good song is “Abrid las puertas” from a Spanish hip-hop group called La Sierra.

If you could work with anyone in the world, who would you choose?

I would like to work with the best artists in the world, people who really feel street art. Work by Obey, Melt, 14-Bolt, and Zurbots are gorgeous.

What is the most difficult part of being a sticker artist?

Trying to improve and create original things. For example, I made The Wolf Fried Eggs, which were made from coke and beer can bottoms.


What project are you most proud of?

I am currently trying to get stickers up in all the Spanish provinces (red 24 / 50). I think trading with people all the world is very important. I enjoy doing combos and l0ve to when people have used my stickers in a combo in another country.


In a perfect world where will Wolf be in 2 years?

Working on new projects, studying graphic design, and travelling a lot.

If you could get one of your stickers slapped anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would slap one on the trophy of the Champions League. It would be seen by millions of people! (laughs)

If you could go back in time and talk to yourself what would you say?

Why didn’t you start before! (laughs)

Any advice/tips/recommendations for other sticker artists, artists, and people in general?

Keep on with your work. If you really like your work, don´t let anybody to stop you!

What is on the horizon? What can we keep our eyes out for?

I am planning a new project  called Wolf Balls. I am going to make balls of clay with a hole and put a map in them. Each of them explain where the next ball is and I will hide the balls through out Madrid, whoever finds them will receive some sort of prize.

I want get into making toys, but I am looking for somebody who wants to help me with that.


Shirts are taking up space in my mind too. A new project called “mini-pasting” is another thing I want to get started on. I intend to gather small paste up´s designed by artists from around the world and combine them into combos.

Looking forward to hearing how the scavenger hunt in Madrid goes. Thank you for your time, Wolf!

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