Mishka NYC Fall 2010 Headwear

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“If there’s one thing Mishka NYC knows, it’s hats.  We know other things too.  We know videogames, bad movies, goth shit and T-shirts. But we are really proud of our hat knowledge. They hide your bald spots, bad haircuts and pony tails that you tuck up inside them. They keep your head warm and keep the sun out of your eyes.  If you’re young and you have some new clean fitted on then girls think you might have some money.  Some people say that clothes make the man but really it’s just the hat. If the hat’s clean you can be Pigpen and no one will notice.

Mishka’s rolling out the big hat guns this season and showing off what they know.  We’ve got the Cyco Snapback featuring Cyco Simon looking like some college mascot with a big honkin’ sword. This next one should appeal to all you collegiate Suicidal Tendencies fans out there, the Advisory Snapback is a throwback to when you would go to record stores and sometimes see this sticker on CDs. Fuck Tipper Gore and the PMRC. Finally we got the Hat Trick Snapback, sporting a logo for our made up sports team, the Death Adders. Check out all of our snapbacks.


If you’re feeling classy then maybe check out the Cyrillic Five Panel Hat. It’s great for all you young yachtsmen out there.  We’ve also got some cold weather hats. Did you know you lose most of you body warmth through your head and your feet?  So get some warm socks and couple that with either the Amerikana Beanie or the classic Heatseeker Beanie.

And while, yeah yeah we know they’re not hats, don’t forget that you can get a matching Amerikana Scarves and Amerikana Sweaters. So if you’re one of those dudes who like to get all matchy-matchy, we got your bizzaro patriotic steez.


We also got the Mishka Script Fitted New Era hat in some toned down colors for Fall.  Can’t be a candy colored clown all year round now can you?  We’ve brought back the popular duotone Amerikana design for another go around since people love the fuck out of this country or at least love a fucked up version of our nation’s flag.  We’re also back with the standard and classic Death Adders logo on our Death Adders New Era in two deceivingly tame color schemes.

And don’t forget to check out all of our Fall-1 New Eras and Snapbacks & Hats. We’re positive you’ll find something that fits your style.

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Brooklyn, NY

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