Mishka NYC Cyco Sorcery Tee

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“Masterfully drawn by James Callahan (who’s best known for his work with Municipal Waste), this new shirt offers us another glimpse into one of Cyco’s many brief pasttimes. Will we ever get the full story on who or what Cyco Simon is?  To quote the Magic 8-Ball I, “cannot predict now.”  It’s hard to say exactly what kind of magic Simon’s practicing but it appears to be comic book occult.  His cards aren’t really tarot or playing cards and his hand gestures seem to be learned from Doctor Strange. But don’t be fooled by the fakery, Simon is an occult sorcerer of the ancient craft of necromancy, a caster of mind bending illusions.  With the help of potions, talismans and ancient relics from the forbidden realms he won’t just read your fortune but contact the dead, and invoke demons. This is the kind of shirt that makes Mishka interns quit on us.

When I was little my father made money as a fortune teller.  Most of his clients were foolish young women. My parents occasionally tell the story about how as a three year old I knocked on my parents bedroom door where my dad did his readings and said,”Daddy, you got womens in there?” You can rest assured that Cyco Simon has womens in there.

Cyco Sorcery is available in Black, White and a Burgundy colored tee which is surprisingly flying out the door! Go burgundy!

350 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY

Mishka LA
1547 Echo Park Ave
Los Angeles, CA

– Toilet Cobra of Mishka NYC


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