Making Michael Jackson Dolls – An Interview with Cupco

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What is Cupco?

Cupco is just my alter-ego; a dumb, nonsensical name that my wife and I came up with. I did not want to put my own name out there too much so we cam up with… Cupco!?

How did you get started making dolls? Stickers?

Started making dolls about five years ago. Over 500 made so far. Started making and sending out stickers about six years ago. Over 5,000 sent out around the world so far.


What is your favorite story, experience, or memory coming out of Cupco?

Recently, I met Gilbert and George, two of my favorite artists, and presented them with doll verisons of themselves (pictured below). That was a lot of fun (Cupco’s blog entry). Another memory that comes to mind was when I was leaving Japan after living there for five years. I was putting on a big show with Diesel and they paid for this big party with lots of booze. They also made a special skate fun box that I had designed. So, at the end of the party, me and my two best friends from Japan put on our Luch(ador) masks and death music and did a “live painting” demo on the skate box. It was really fun and weird and the crowd was pretty dumbstruck. It was also emotional, because I left Japan a week later.


What is your most popular doll? What is your favorite?

Most popular/controversial is probably my Suicide Bomber Girl. My favorite is usually the one I am working on right now. Lately, I’ve been into paedophies (not too popular), lots of different Micheal Jacksons, Big Xenu’s (god of Scientology), child soldiers, and Tamil Tigers.


What was your proudest moment so far?

Marrying my wife.

What are Cupco’s favorite bands?

Fugazi, Blonde Redhead, Tough Alliance, LCD Soundsystem, Don Caballero, and Jay Reatard.

Definitely some under appreciated bands. In an ideal world where do you see Cupco?

Paid to play. There’s not a lot of money in doll-making!

What have you learned? Any advice for our readers?

Go soft or go hard!


What do you have in store for 2010?

Lots of dolls for sale at the online shop. New tees and other mass produced crap!! Also, my first zine, ZANG! And some new stuff for the Melbourne Art Fair, which is a big international art fair wank-a-thon, but also pretty exciting!

Favorite type of pie?

Summer Hill Bakery’s cheese and pear tarts, which are like mini pies.

Thank you, Cupco, and keep making massive dolls!

Learn more about Cupco at Follow Cupco on Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook.

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