Find Inspiration in Potato Chips – An Interview with Monsta

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Describe yourself in three words.

Calm, patient, and perfectionist.

Tell us a little about yourself, what is your background?

Born and raised in London, lived here most of my life, except for the five years I was in Leicester for university.  I am back in the city I love now.  I am an avid sneaker and toy collector with an insane passion for history, both ancient and modern.  Can’t say too much beyond that, got to keep somethings private. (Laughs)

How did the name “Monsta” come about?  What about the eye logo?

(Laughs) Definitely a funny answer to this.  Basically, I realized whenever I was making my best work or feeling really creative, I was also eating crisps (potato chips) called ‘Monster Munch”, hence “Monsta”.  Pickled onion or roast beef flavor in case anyone was wondering.  I’ve have since paid homage to those babies with a play on their packet.  Yeah, so basically my name came from potato chips. (Laughs)


How did you get into sticker culture?

I was always into art and graffiti, but it was meeting new people and being in a creative environment at university in Leicester that really drew me into stickers.  I found myself meeting lots of creative people while working in a streetwear shop and through my love for fashion and sneakers.  A couple of dudes I met especially played a big role (you know who you are, I am not name dropping). I also noticed tons of stickers all around Leicester everywhere by an amazingly talented artist by the name of “Mono” and asked around about him.  Turns out the guys I worked with were really good friends with him; from there it stepped up a few notches.  Check out the Mono X Monsta X Aplomb collab sticker. (Pictured below)

Picture 6

Best song to work to.

Damn, this is a tough one.  Anything by J Dilla, MF Doom, or even Cinematic Orchesta.

Where do you find inspiration?

I’d say my keen interest and passion for history and reading is my most pivotal inspiration.  However, my inspiration has no bounds.  It has come from food, cigarettes, numbers, shapes, and conspiracy theories… the list is endless.

What is your proudest moment or greatest project to date?

Greatest project has to be my first collab with mono without a doubt.  Being a massive fan of his work and inspired by him it is easily my greatest project and proudest moment.  Look out for Part 2 coming soon!

Picture 2

Anything in the pipeline we can all be looking forward to?

I don’t want to reveal too much, but be on the look out for Monsta X Mono Part 2 and a massive 13 way combo featuring Case, Billi Kid Brand, Bustart, Crimson Cisa, Ekser, Newmind, Nose Go, OneVis, myself, and more.  Also, new Monsta products for 2010 will be out soon.  Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes peeled, big things with plenty of surprises are happening.

Any words of wisdom to other artists or people in general?

In these difficult times don’t take things too seriously, people.  Have fun with what you do, life is too short not to.  Live peacefully and prosper!  For more words of wisdom check out my forthcoming book! (Laughs)

Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer?

Is neither an option?

Guess we will have to allow.  Thanks for your time, Monsta, and looking forward to seeing your next collab!

Connect with Monsta on Flickr and follow him on Twitter (@The_Monsta).


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  1. This was a nice read. Is neither an option haha. My first concert ever was Vanilla Ice. Good words of wisdom. Peace.

    Catch me in the cone.
    -The Ice Cream Man

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